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Articulator A7 Plus with Elite Facebow - Bio.Art

Articulator A7 Plus with Elite Facebow - Bio.Art

Articulator A7 Plus by Bio-Art


Revolutionary model, the A7 Plus is the semi-adjustable articulator with highest approval by the most renowned universities in the country. It is ideal for academic and professional work.

Sturdy structure, design that ensures great stability and visibility.
• Semi-adjustable / Arcon;
• Fixed intercondylar distance (110mm);
• Curved condylar guide;
• Angle adjustment of the Condilic and Bennet guide;
• Central Locking;
• Motion stabilizer system with silicone joint;
• Upper Branch Support Pin in the open position.


The Elite Facebow has a fork articulation and fixation system that allows a faster registration for the professional and comfort to the patient, besides a transfer set that eliminates the need for the arch in the process of assembling the models in the articulator, making this process more practical and stable.

His Naziun Rapporteur with adjustable height allied to the infra-orbital indicator, makes the record even more precise.

The bow is equipped with a smooth sliding system (opening and closing) that facilitates its handling. The auricles are anatomical, removable and autoclavable.



Brand : Bio-Art

Type : Articulator A7 Plus with Elite Facebow

Made in Brazil





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