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Autoclave European B Class - Fomos

Autoclave European B Class - Fomos

Autoclave Foster Plus 22 L European B Class by Fomos


  • The 134℃ universal Class B program only take 23 minutes.
  • Can clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 100 times of cycle
  • CE and ISO certified


Product Description

A safe and efficient reprocessing workflow provides protection for patients and clinic personnel alike. Steam sterilizers and autoclaves are a prerequisite for a reliable instrument decontamination workflow in practice and clinic.

  • The 134℃ universal Class B program only take 23 minutes.
  • Microcomputer control system for automatic check high quality sensor for precise control.the temperature can be controlled within ±0.5 during sterilizing.
  • Touch button control panel simplify the operation and bring the fashion design.
  • Clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 300 times of cycle.
  • The dry time is adjustable according to your willing.Automatic record of the time of sterilization beginning & end.
  • Adjustable date & time & language mode according to your willing.
  • The machine’s height can be adjusted by adjustable pad.
  • B&D test, vacuum test, convenient for machine behave test.
  • Double door's locking-system, mechanical lock with electrical lock, the machine can't open until the pressure turn 0.
  • Air-conditional heat removal system, prevent the machine from over-heating.
  • Alarmed automatically when the clean water tank is empty and the used water tank is full.
  • The machine is dual-purpose, not only for instruments, but also for cotton, on dry condition
  • Multi-safety protection system, which can ensure the safety of the operator.


Materials of main parts: 

  • Chamber:  Once-forming 304 Stainless steel chamber.
  • Tube:  Imported silicon tube.
  • Water Pump:   Imported Italy water pump.
  • Vacuum Pump:  Imported two-head vacuum pump with leather cup.
  • The Panel:Adopt the ABS plastic,whole model produce.
  • Safety Valve:   Ensure the chamber can release the pressure safely at emergency.
  • Water Quality Sensor:  Reduce the failure rate.
  • Opened Reservoir:  Convenient for cleaning,avoiding chloramphenicol alive.
  • Micro Printer:    With a internal USB module as standard collocation to record the sterilization process.
  • Steam Generator:   Make the 99% saturated steam supplied to autoclave chamber.



Brand : Fomos

Type : Foster Plus

Voltage : 220 V

Frequency : 50 Hz

Max Hp : 1800 VA

Physical Space : 17L/22L

Electric Current : 10 A

Net weight: 50 kg

Chamber size: 250 mm diameter x 450 mm depth

Sterilizing temp : 121℃ and 134℃

Warranty : 1 year

Made in China






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