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Blasting Microblaster - Bio.Art

Blasting Microblaster - Bio.Art

Blasting Microblaster by Bio-Art


  • Micro retentions on dental surfaces and parts to be cemented
  • Application includes removal of cement, brackets cleaning, casting cleaning and etc.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • It has carbide tip promoting a longer life and precision in blasting.
  • Made in Brazil


Product Description

Bio-Art Microblaster is a portable pneumatic device, easy to install and
operate, designated to surface blasting, mainly in dental works.
The use of Microblaster in dentist's offices and dental laboratories has more and more been requested for being practical, ergonomic and accurate in small jobs and/or where the area to be blasted has a slight contact with areas of preservationfrom blasting.
Bio-Art Microblaster is provided with an ejecting needle made of sintered carbide, which assures higher durability and accuracy during blasting.


  • Micro retentions on dental surfaces and parts to be cemented;
  • Removal of cements;
  • Bracket cleaning;
  • Metal or ceramic cleaning or degreasing when using the "intraoral ceramic repair" technique;
  • Occlusal blasting for fine-tuning, replacing carbon utilization;
  • Internal evidence for adjustment and crown settling;
  • Adjustment of interproximal contacts;
  • Cleaning of castings;
  • Removal of oxidation.

It has 2 removable and autoclavable tips, with 90º angles (for use on posterior teeth) and 138º (for use on anterior teeth).



Brand : Bio-Art

Type : Microblaster

Body Part : Stainless Steel

Warranty : 1 year

Made in Brazil

Recommended granulation of applications :

Micro retentions (surface roughness)50 microns
Bracket recycling (cleaning)90 microns
Internal "inlay-onlay" cleaning of resin and ceramics50 microns
Cleaning of cast parts90 microns
Removal of oxidation90 microns

(For complete applications, please see picture above)



Blasting Microblaster Manual Book

Brochure :

Video :


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