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Digital intraoral X-Ray Imaging System By Lifedent

Digital intraoral X-Ray Imaging System By Lifedent

Digital Intraoral X-Ray Imaging System by Lifedent 

Product Description

  • Integrated circuit, low noise, high integration design
  • The cesium iodide scintillator adopts direct evaporation and plating of cesium iodide to improve image quality and ensure low dose
  • Strong protective force, IP68 high level protection, ensuring no damage due to immersion, and can be disinfected and cleaned at ease
  • High reliability design, reinforced cable connection has passed more than 70000 bending tests (± 90 °)
  • Seal the protective layer, protect the scintillator and prevent deliquescence
  • The edge arc chamfer design ensures the safety of detection and improves the comfort of use


  • APS CMOS Technology
  • Smart AED-Compatible for variety X-Ray sources
  • Direct deposition CSI - Lower dose imaging
  • USB 2.0 direct connection
  • Slim, rounded corner and thumb position
  • IP68 - High reliability


Product Specs

  • Brand: Lifedent 
  • Sizes:
    Size 1.5 ( 29x42 mm )
    Size 2.0 ( 31x40.05 mm )
  • Comfortable: rounded corners and edges for improved patient experience
  • Ultra-thin: 4.4 mm digital sensor
  • Durable: Reliable construction High Resolution (HR) or Low Dose (LD) scintillator option
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Made in China



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