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Dota Blue Rotary File - Mighty Medico

Dota Blue Rotary File - Mighty Medico

Dota Blue - Might Medico 


  • Inactive Tips - advanced tip process to avoid forming latrohenic complications; suitable for curved canals
  • Top precision auto manufacturing - canal shaping and cleaning
  • rubber stopper - be convenient to mark the place of the canal length and to identify the direction of file bending
  • CM wire Niti material
  • 200% flexibility increased
  • Sharpness improved
  • Longer service life
  • Superior resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Can be used in 80% root canal treatment.
  • 20-30 times straight canals or 10-15 times complex canls or 1 time curved canal.



Brand: Mighty Medico

Quantity: 6 pcs/pack

Made in China





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