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Milling Machine E5 - VHF

Milling Machine E5 - VHF

Milling Machine E5 - VHF


  • 5-axis dry milling.
  • Large material variety.
  • Automatic tool changer.
  • No compressed air needed due to airtool.


Product Description 
E5 is the innovative milling machine for digital dental technology in the practice lab and the laboratory. The E5 requires no compressed air, therefore you have maximum freedom in the choice of the installation site and also benefit from minimal operating costs. The open system architecture of the E5 makes your entry into the digital production of dental restorations quick and easy, and fits perfectly into your workflows. The integrated CAM software enables you to get started right away!


  • Innovative
    No compressed air required with the patent-pending AIRTOOL Machine design optimized for minimal weight C-holder for 90° machining of anterior teeth (coming soon) Modular machine design to optimize servicing and maintenance
  • Reliable
    100% developed and manufactured in Germany Optimum manufacturing results and high durability with only premium- quality industrial components 24-month guarantee

  • Fast & Precise
    800 W 60,000 rpm spindle 3 µm repetition accuracy Cast aluminum body for low vibration in operation

  • Independent
    Mills almost all materials up to CoCr sintered metals in a 98.5 mm disc format, holders available for 110 mm discs and blocks Maximum indication versatility with a rotating angle of ±35° in the 5th axis and blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm DENTALCAM software with open interface to all scanners and materials

  • Cost-effective
    Sustainable operation with no compressed air Environmentally friendly shipping due to low weight of machine Fast and cost-effective entry into CAM production in the laboratory environment Extremely simple operation with provided DENTALCAM software featuring DIRECTMILL technology – no license fees



Brand: VHF

Model: E5

Made in German





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