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Endo Safe End Bur ESE 014 - SS White

Endo Safe End Bur ESE 014 - SS White

Endo Safe End Bur ESE 014 by SS White


To gain straight-line access:
SS White EndoGuide burs are funnel-shaped, designed to offer an accurate straight-line access path and better tactile sense. The SS White Endo Safe End Burs are side-cutting only, with a non-cutting tip for lateral expansion.


Product Description

Enlargement of initial endodontic access is often needed to gain straight-line access to all canals. Endo Safe End instruments are designed for lateral endodontic access enlargement, and will cut only laterally and not apically.


Endo Safe End endodontic access burs feature a safe end, non-cutting tip:

Prohibits depth cutting to prevent penetration of the pulp chamber floor and to prevent ledging.



Brand : SS White

Pack Size: 1-Pcs
Head Length: 9.0 mm

Tip Size : 1.4 mm

Made in USA



Brochure :

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