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Endomotor Motopex - RTA

Endomotor Motopex - RTA

Endomotor Motopex by RTA


Endo Motor is mainly used in Endodontic treatment. It is a cordless endomotor with root canal measurement capability. It can be used as an endomotor for preparation and enlargement of root canals, or a device for measuring canal length. Itcan be used to enlarge the canals while monitoring the position of the file tip inside the canal.

  • Efficient brushless motor, low noise, long service life.
  • Cordless portable endo motor with combined length determination.
  • 360 degrees rotation of contra angle.
  •  Adopt real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, effectively preventing file separation.



Product Description

  • 1st Brushless Endo Motor
  • High Performance Brushless Motor
    • Adjustable reciprocating angle (10° interval; adjustment range : 20-340°).
    • Accurate rotating angle reduces risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparing efficiency.
    • Smooth rotation and lower noise make treatment more endurable for patienes.
    • Strongpower, together with accurate and stable torque output, helps to realize efficient root canan preparation.
  • Super Mini Contra Angle
    • Supermini head with a diameter of 8 mm and a height of 9.7 mm brings clear vision during operation.
  • 360 rotatable contra angle
  • 6:1 Contra Angle
  • Front Center Gravity
  • Built-In Apex Locator
    • Integrated length determination makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient.
    • Realize real-time display of file location in canal. Automatically stops or reversely ortates as soon as the file reaches the apical stop, so as to prevent perforation.
    • Auto Start and Auto Stop functions respectively enable motor to automatically start while the file gets in canl and stop when it is out.



Brand : RTA

Model : Motopex

Lithium battery in motor handpiece: 3.7V /2000mAh

Input: 100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 400mA Max

Torque range: 0.4Ncm-5.0Ncm(4mNm ~ 50mNm)

Speed range: 100rpm~1200rpm

Warranty : 1 years for endomotor, 1 year for contra angle

Made in China





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