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Orifice Opener V09 #25 L17 - SS White

Orifice Opener V09 #25 L17 - SS White

Orafice Opener V09 #25 L17 by SS White


DCTaper Orifice Openers are designed for the removal of dentin and shaping

of the orifice in the coronal 2-3mm of the root canal while providing:

  • Ideal apical cleaning and shaping
  • Effective activated irrigation
  • Facilitates three-dimensional obturation


Product Description

Heat-treated to increase file flexibility, DCTaper 2H NiTi Rotary File system insures root canal navigation without ledging, transportation or zipping, even in the most curved canals. Standard NiTi files continually try to revert to their original straight shape. The proprietary processing of DCTaperH files reduces shape memory, allowing them to follow the natural contours of the canal while reducing the tendency to straighten out.

The distinctive shape and color of the DCTaper™2H files is the result of SS White’s proprietary processing. The result is an instrument design with

Inherent strength and flexibility, to allow you to negotiate the toughest cases with greater safety.

Cost efficient use: DCTaper™2H files allow completion of most root canal cases using only two to three files.

The most minimally invasive of shapes

Establish glide path with DCGlide Path™2H File and follow with DCTaper™2H 2-file shaping system.



Brand : SS White

Type : VTaper2H / DC Taper

Shank: RA
Pack Size: 6 pcs / pack
Order #: SS-21367

Made in USA



Brochure :

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