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Logical Book - Bionspiration in Oral Rehabilitation (Volume II)

Logical Book - Bionspiration in Oral Rehabilitation (Volume II)

Logical Book Volume II - Bionspiration In Oral Rehabilitation 

Product Description 

Continuing the best-selling book that was Logic, this volume II presents the same practical and intuitive language going straight to the point of every clinical detail in an Aesthetic/Functional Oral Rehabilitation. It is aimed at all specialties as it deals with subjects presented in an unprecedented way in the context of Bioinspiration. This philosophy, described for the first time in Dentistry, seeks answers to every clinical question from nature. Thus, the reader will find in this work concepts with current scientific basis, simple and reproducible techniques of different clinical stages and an innovative and revolutionary vision of occlusion planning.


Consisting of 10 chapters, written in a logical and fluid way for a pleasant reading, volume II presents a systematization of functional and aesthetic planning.


Chapter 01 the reader will delve into the universe of Bioinspired Dentistry, understanding natural concepts that make up the stomatognathic system with new theories created by the authors and based on systematic studies.


Chapter 02 is a manual of photographic techniques from documentary to artistic. The objective is to create a portfolio of images for planning and marketing actions. In this same chapter, which teaches how to master light, the reader will learn about color selection, breaking the dogmas and paradigms of this stage.


Chapter 03 is the backbone of the book. It deals with the concept of Bioinspired Occlusion created by the authors and practiced and studied for over 18 years. Revolutionary concepts are presented from childhood to adulthood in the physiological establishment of occlusion.


Chapter 04 goes straight to the point teaching the clinician to examine and diagnose occlusal pathologies even early. Several images will demonstrate how to predict occlusal collapse even before it happens.


Chapter 05 deals with how to put Bioinspired occlusion into practice. The step by step of each step. Through well-documented clinical cases, the reader will have a guide to follow in their daily lives. Innovative, minimal intervention techniques are described in this chapter.


Chapter 06 presents the aesthetic planning. Rules that are based on principles of nature. Unlike repetitive checklists and digital drawings without occlusal correlation, this chapter brings practical concepts of how our brains interpret beauty and how to introduce it into a physiological schema.


From chapters 07 to 10 the reader will be taken on a deep journey of knowledge of the technical process. Without bias from companies and fads, he will know what really presents an excellent cost benefit in the process of adhesion, preparation, molding and cementation. Details that will break paradigms showing a different and concise path to an effective clinical practice and long-lasting results. Secrets that were not revealed in works written until then.


In this way, the book is an invitation to the lover of Aesthetic Functional Dentistry to delight in a reading with several 3D illustrations and clinical photos that illustrate every detail of the process. This book intends to be not only a scientific guide, but above all a clinical answer provided by the authors who militate this successful dentistry for decades in their clinics.



  • Author: Weber A. Ricci, Henrique J. Piccin, Pedro Paulo Feltrin.
  • Total page: 552 pages.
  • Made in Brazil
  • Language: English
  • Size: 23x31 cm (Hardcover)
  • List of chapters:

01 - Introduction to the principle of Bioinspiration in Oral Rehabilitation

02 - Light control: photographic techniques and color selection
03 - The concept of Bioinspired occlusion: analysis of the pillars in oral rehabilitation
04 - Patient Examination: diagnosis and management of occlusal pathologies
05 - Planning and clinical application of Bioinspired Occlusion
06 - Aesthetic rules and design of the new smile
07 - Bioinspired Membership
08 - Prosthetic preparations
09 - Molding materials and techniques
10 - Adhesive and conventional cementation



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