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OliEtch Bond Adhesive - Olident

OliEtch Bond Adhesive - Olident

OliEtch Bond - Light-Curing self-etching adhesive 


  • Excellent bonding quality.
  • Contains 10-MDP monomer.
  • Free from toxic MMA (Methyl methacrylate)
  • Gentle and effective etching


Production Description 

One-component self-etching bonding system of the seventh generation. It contains only active substances, without solvents, hence it does not evaporate while in use. Its self-neutralizing properties ensure tissue safety and eliminate the risk of postoperative hypersensitivity.


The OliEtch BOND monomer matrix consists of a mixture of proven methacrylate resins and acid monomers. The balanced combination of the 10-MDP ashesive monomer and the 4-Meta component increases the penetration of the monomer into dentin and guarantees high adhesion of resins to hydroxyapatite, composites and ceramics. 


OliEtch BOND is compatible with:
• composites, compomers and ceramics (lithium ceramic and zirconium)
• light-curing and dual-curing composites
• two etching techniques (self-etch and selective etch)
• direct and indirect restoration techniques



Brand: Olident

Contain: 5ml/Bottle

Made in Germany





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