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Packing Sealer FoSeal - Fomos

Packing Sealer FoSeal - Fomos

Packing Sealer Foseal by Fomos


  • The effective heating control and high quality performance because of the automatic temperature adjustment a stand-by system.
  • Reminder system prevents the overheating during sealing.
  • The smart operation pad allows to choose the exact bag length to save the paper and also can be inserted at the bottom to save the space in clinic overheating during sealing.
  • 12mm sealing seam can definitely guarantee the legal requirements of sterilization.
  • Rated power 80w, creating the new record of energy saving in the sealer’s family.
  • The heating system will be power off automatically when the handle wasn’t lift back in 30 seconds.



Brands : Fomos

Type : Foseal

Voltage : 200- 240 V

Frequency : 50/60 Hz

Power : 100 Watts

Max Sealing Length : 12 mm

Max Sealing Width : 300 mm

Net Weight : 5 kg

Dimension : 420mm×300mm×185mm

Sealing Temperature : 180℃

Made in China






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