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3D Printer Pro 55 - SprintRay

3D Printer Pro 55 - SprintRay

3D Printer SprintRay Pro 55
The accuracy, repeatability, and high resolution of SprintRay Pro have helped to push dental 3D printing into more offices. Thanks to its wide resin compatibility, our incredible dental community has shown us the breadth of applications that a single printer can provide. But in an effort to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing, we recognized that certain applications might benefit from a printer that can trade in finer margins.


Same Pro, New Focus
Pro55 benefits from all the same technological innovations as Pro95. That means access to the full open certified resin platform along with advanced features like Pixel Toning and Ludicrous Speed. Pro55 integrates with SprintRay Dashboard, allowing you to remotely track your prints and automatically integrate design files.


New Color, New Opportunities
When we set out to build a higher-resolution version of SprintRay Pro, we knew that it needed to be capable of fabricating accurate indirect restorative applications. Featuring a 55-micron XY resolution and pixel toning, Pro55 is the perfect machine for crafting custom chairside temporaries or definitive crowns. Thanks to our materials partnership with Bego and DENTCA, Pro55 is compatible with the world’s most advanced materials for indirect restorative applications.


Master of the Small Stuff

For a large number of applications, Pro95 provides a highly flexible, rapid, and high-throughput manufacturing option. For those who want to help push 3D printing into the indirect restorative space, or for whom ultimate accuracy is the most critical component of printing, we’re excited to offer Pro55. Whether you’re printing crowns, applications for metal casting, hybrid dentures, or die models, the resolution and surface quality of Pro55 is second to none.

Technical Specifications 
Maximun Build Size : 105 X 59 X 190mm 

Resolution : 55um 

Layer Thickness : 0.05-0.1mm 

Printing Speed :10-15 s/Layer 

Support Genering : Automatic/Manual 

Format : SLT/OBJ 

Size : 380 X 415 X 525 mm 

Weight : 20Kg 
Voltage : AC100~240V 
Slice Software : RayWare 
Warranty : 1 Tahun      

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