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Dental Anesthesia Device Super Pen - RTA

Dental Anesthesia Device Super Pen - RTA

Super Pen - Dental Anesthesia Device


  • Brushless motor, longer life
  • Al Algorithm control Precise drug delivery 
  • High-Precision pressure sensor - more accurate 
  • Three adjustable injection speeds 
  • Easy solutions to traditional periodontal ligament injection problems 
  • One-button operation - more convenient 
  • No consumables -more economical.


Product Description 

  • Brushless motor, longer life 
    high quality & highg perfomance low wear, low heat generation 10 times the service life of brush motor 27.1dB lower noise than other brands, more silent 
  • Al Algorithm control Precise drug delivery 

    Precise pressure feedback technology Al algorithm control Computer-Contolled automatic injection Drug delivery at constant speed and low pressure precise control of injection speed, injection accuracy up to 0.02ml
    Injection speed lower that inducing patient's pain Bring comfortable and painless experience 

  • High-Precision pressure sensor more accurate 

    Built-in high-precision pressure sensor adopt dual-pressure detection technology accurate real-time feedback of pressure on the needle from skin tissue 3 times increased accuracy that similiar products 

  • Three adjustable injection speeds 
    Doctors can choose different speed modes according to habits, making treatment more convenient and faster 

  • Easy solutions to traditional periodontal ligament injection problems 

    Periodontal ligament injection model (PDL) Dual-pressure detection technology + Al algorithm can accurately identify and indicate the entry 
    into the periodontal 
    Ligament area and automatically start the PDL mode avoid hand fatigue, failure injection, incorrect injection site, severe pain, etc. Dyanamic display of pressure and the percentage of anesthetic injected 
    Auto switch to PDL mode when encountering periodontal ligament 

  • No consumables more economical 

    USA-imported medical material high durability and clarity 
    Cartridge holder can be autoclaved thousands of times more cost-efficient 

  • Intelligent Prompts 
    Set up the speed mode voice prompt, injection status voice prompt, and injection status indicator prompt, more convenient for doctors to operate 

  • Soothing music 
    Acompanying calm music in injection brings patients a relaxing and comfotable treatment experience 

  • Wireless Charging, Long battery life 
    Handpiece adopts wireless charging design built-in 2000mAh Battery in the base 
    Handpiece can be charged by placing it on the base, convenient and durable 

  • One-button operation, more convenient 

    Physical injection button to prevent accidental touch one-button aspiration, reduce the risk of anesthetic entering the blood vessels One-button speed mode switching, adjustable speed during injection one-hand control, comfortable and efficient 

  • 3 modes for injection time of single anesthetic

High: 35~105s

L ow: 120~170s
PDL: 190~310s




Brand: RTA

Made in China

Lithium battery in charging base: 3.7V /2000mAh
Lithium battery in handpiece: 3.7V /200mAh
Input: ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.4A Max
Output: DC5V/1A
Environment temperature: +5℃ ~ +40℃
Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa





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