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Vacuum Forming Machine Plastvac - Bio.Art

Vacuum Forming Machine Plastvac - Bio.Art

Vacuum Forming Machine - Plastvac


  • Automatic vacuum activation.
  • Variety of dental appliances for whitening, orthodontic, bracket fixation, mouthguard, etc.
  • Practical - Very easy to be used.
  • Quick - Very possible from confection do delivery of sheets to the patient in a single session.
  • Cost-effective : Since dentist do not need to send it to lab anymore, on average the payback with the production of 30 sheets.
  • Different thickness of sheets are available.
  • Made in Brazil


Product Description

Pioneer in the Brazilian market, the Bio-Art vacuum forming machine has been manufactured since 1979. Being easy to use and its differentiated design, makes the vacuum forming machine the leader in the Brazilian market.
A powerful 1400W motor, it automatically generates the vacuum at the conformation instant. The Plastvac P7 does not need a special installation, since it is connected to the consulting / laboratory power grid.

Quick and practical, possibility the confection and delivery of sheets to the patient in a single session. On average the payback comes with the production of 30 sheets.

The Plastvac P7 has a universal adapter for round and square sheets of different dimensions, thicknesses and materials.

• Mouthguard
• Matrix for composite resin;
• Temporary bridge;
• Caps;
• Fixing of brackets;
• Fluoridation mold;
• Surgical guide;
• Bite plate (bruxism);
• Base sheet;
• Individual sheet;
• Homemade whitening sheets;
• Packing of study models.



Brand : Bio-Art

Type : Plastvac
Voltages : 220V
Weight : 5.4 kg
Dimensions : (WxDxH) 24x27x19 cm.

Warranty : 1 year

Power: 1400 Watt

Made in Brazil




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