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Woodpex V Apex Locator - RTA

Woodpex V Apex Locator - RTA

Woodpex V Apex Locator - RTA
Product Description

  • Accurate Eliminate interference
    Inherit multi-frequency apex positioning technology Add DSP data processing system Combined with clinical big data fitting, it can ensure accurate measuring even there are residual pulp and blood in the root canal.
  • New digital circuit Industry recognized U.S. central processing chip
    Information processing speed increased by Adopt high-precision components imported from Japan, High resolution signal without distortion Automatic calibration during 0.5s booting
  • Simple Clear view 
    Zoom in on the apical 1/3 narrow part Subdivision from 11-19 More accurate and intuitive measurement trajectory, effectively preventing perforation When the file is less than 2mm from the apical foramen, there will be intermittent low frequency beeps prompt. When the file approaches the apical foramen, the sound gradually rushed. When the file reaching the preset position of the apex, there will be continuous high frequency beeps prompt. The sound level can be adjusted, and the position can be distinguished by sound, making measurement easier.
  • Apical stop setting - Add the apical stop alarm function The alarm position can be adjusted freely according to clinical needs Flexible setting, timely remind to measure distance Reposition the display location of 0.5mm from the apical foramenand sound
  • Black gold love at first sight Optimized and upgraded LCD display enables brighter color The light source is evenly distributed without glare Charming appearance of mysterious dark and the rosy goldMulti-configuration File clip X4 Lip hook X5 Probing X2



Dimensions: 84mm (length) × 88mm (width) × 112mm (height) 

Weight: 336g

Battery: 3.6V/750mAh (Model: 14500)

Adapter (Model:DJ-0500100-A5):

Input: ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.5-0.2A

Output: DC5V/1A

Consumption power: ≤0.5W

Screen: 4.5’’ LCD

Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the endo file is close to the apex

Brand: RTA

Made in China




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