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ProCure2 - SprintRay

ProCure2 - SprintRay

3D Printer SprintRay ProCure2

The Most Advanced Post-Curing System on the Planet
ProCure 2 is fast. Fast enough to enable true chairside workflows with SprintRay 3D printing. And thanks to its custom light power unit, it delivers heat instantaneously, no warm-up required.

  • 25XInsanely Fast 
    Thanks to its custom wishbone curing engine, ProCure 2 can completely post-cure 3D printed dental parts in just a few minutes using both light and heat for optimal mechanical properties.
  • Chamber Scanning
    The light engine in ProCure 2 gently scans across the curing chamber to make sure that every part receives an even, thorough post-curing.
  • Instant Heating
    Because ProCure 2 delivers concentrated 385nm light, it generates heat locally on each part. This eliminates the need for ambient heating, greatly reducing overall cure times.
  • Active Thermodynamics
    Outstanding engineering makes sure that ProCure 2 is always at the right temperature. Active and passive thermodynamics work in perfect harmony to keep the exterior cool to the touch.
  • Leadingby Design
    Engineered from scratch to meet our rigorous chairside requirements, the custom UVA light engine is the heart of ProCure 2. Its unique wishbone design delivers 360-degrees of curing coverage.
  • Marvel of Engineering
    The beating heart of ProCure 2, the Light Motion Drive is an engineering marvel, delivering over 25x more power than ProCure 1. This custom-built UVA light engine delivers concentrated 385nm light with near perfect uniformity. Using linear motion and outstanding power, the patented curing engine unlocks chairside workflows today and new materials for tomorrow.
  • Unmatched Thermodynamics
    The Light Motion Drive captures the heat generated by its powerful LEDs and constantly recycles the air inside ProCure 2. Thanks to extensive R&D efforts, ProCure 2 requires zero time to preheat. The powerful LEDs produce local heat on each part due to the intensity of its curing reaction, creating a localized heat source that is efficiently spread through the chamber.
  • Bring the Finish Line Closer
    ProCure 2 is unbelievably fast, unlocking possibilities across your 3D printing workflow. Leveraging our patented Light Motion Drive, it delivers outstanding light power and instantaneous heat to your parts, creating new possibilities for same-appointment chairside care. By reducing cure times to 5 minutes or less, ProCure 2 can cut as much as 60 minutes from your in-office 3D printing workflow

Time Needed:

  • 4 minutes for occlusal guards
  • 2 minutes for dental model
  • 2 minutes for Indirect Bonding Trays 
  • 5 minutes for Full arch implant dentures 
  • 2 minutes for surgical guides 
  • 2 minutes for Try-in dentures 



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