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Le Ray Portable X-Ray Unit - Lifedent

Le Ray Portable X-Ray Unit - Lifedent

Le Ray Portable X-Ray Unit - Lifedent
Product Description

Its whole body shielding with LEAD makes it a very safe device & prevents dispersion of radiation. It is a compact wireless x-ray device that can be used for multi chair clinics.


  • The ergonomic design - One handed operation, easy to grip. 

  • 3.5 in. full-color touch screen - Personalized UI system, nw interactive experience

  • Le Ray security monitoring technology ensure safe exposure and repeatable imagine quality at all time.

  • High frequency DC constant voltage control technology -Stable X-ray output provides excellent imaging quality.

  • 0.4mm focal spot - 2mA tube current and 70kV tube voltage,provide high-quality images for diagnosis. DC X-ray tube.

  • The exposure time can be adjusted between 0.02 ~ 2.00S while the DC generator keeps the patient dose to the minimum.

  • Stable and reliable technology:

    • Automatic detection & correction for mains.
    • High-strength alloy & lead coated tube head.
    • The accurate tubbe head overheating protection.
    • Back-up timer will make SIRAY and SIRAY PLUS.
    • In case of emergency during exposure.
    • Release the exposure button to terminate.
  • Quick setting with only a few taps.
    With the unique interface design, the operator can quickly learn how to use Le Ray X-ray machine. Also, when facing different tooth positions and patient sizes, the operator can easily configure the exposure parameter on the same page, and fine-tune the final calculated exposure time.

  • Editable exposure values for every tooth position
    Perfect X-ray imaging, crafted by details

  • 3 different exposure modes
    A good match for all kinds of X-ray receivers

  • Customized user interface
    Highly personalized, extra user-friendly



  • Supply voltage : 220 V
  • Power Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Input Power : 200 VA
  • Weight : Le Ray G 2.1 kg; Le Ray P 1.8kg
  • Time of exposure: 0.2-2s
  • Ray focus : 0.4 mm
  • High frequency generator : 60 KHZ - 100 KZ



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