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Handheld Dental X-Ray by Xpect Vision

Handheld Dental X-Ray by Xpect Vision

Handheld Dental X-Ray - Xpect Vision 

  • Stable power enable clear images.
  • The voltage and current generate more power to penetrate structures
  • Produces higher quality images on film or sensor due to 0.4mm focal spot size.
  • Double shielding design reduces user exposure to radiation
  • External backscatter shielding, significantly minimizing operation radiation does
  • Internal proctection, protecting the operator agains radiaton leaks.
  • Preset exposure dose.
  • The XVBeam1000 supports upto 300+ exposures on a single charge of its built-in battery.
  • Equipped with an innovative docking system that allows to be used whenever the exposure is required
  • After each use, it recharges automatically
  • Has strap design for safety, especially for people with smaller hands.



  • Focal point 0.4mm
  • Tube voltage (kV) 65Kv 
  • Tube current (mA) 2.6 mA 
  • Exposure time range 0.01~2 sec
  • Inherent filtration 0.8 mmAl/75kV
  • Additional filtration 1.0 mmAl
  • Distance from source to skin 200 mm
  • Power input 22.2 V
  • Weight 2.1KG
  • Model : XVBeam1000
  • Made in China



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