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Bur G2 Diamond Inverted Cone 805-014

Bur G2 Diamond Inverted Cone 805-014

Bur G2 Diamond Inverted Cone 805-014


  • Perfectly concentric instruments that produce no noticeable vibration or chatter, which improves patient comfort and yields good clinical results.
  • Competitively priced, durable and lost lasting. SS White diamonds are a sound value and backed by 100% SS White guarantee.


Product Description

Worldwide, SS White diamonds are available in over 1000 sizes and grits, offering a wide selection of instruments to suit individual preferences. We understand the difference between high and low quality diamond instruments and strictly adhere to 5 key manufacturing requirements that influence quality and durability of SS White diamond instruments.


The 5 key manufacturing requirements are:

  • Grade of raw materials: SS White diamond rotary instruments are made with quality industrial diamonds, either natural or synthetic.
  • Uniform diamond particle size: High quality diamonds are crushed, then carefully graded for size and quality to assure consistent particle size for a particular grit for efficient cutting, smooth preparations and less vibration.
  • Uniform diamond particle coating: Optimum spacing of a diamond particles is essential for faster, smoother cutting and durability. Each set of diamond instruments manufactured by SS White is manually and mechanically monitored to insure consistent and optimal diamond coverage.
  • Optimum embedding of diamond particles: SS White diamond instrument are manufatcured utilizing a proprietary galvanic bonding process. Quality diamond instrument require proper embedding of diamond particles within the metal substrate that secures the diamond to the blank to assure an excellent cutting rate after multiple uses. If particles are embedded too deeply in the matrix the ressult is areas that are void of diamond particles and clinicians will experience slower reduction of th ematerial being cut, which will increase heat build up and the risk of pulpal damage.
  • Precisely ground blanks: SS White diamonds exceed ISO requirements for concentricity allowing the instruments to run smoothly and vibration free. Exacting control of shank circumference assures concentricity and balance during high rotational speeds.



Brand: SS White

Type: G2 Diamond

Shape: Inverted Cone 805-016

Shank: FG

Shank Length: 19-24mm

Diameter: 1.1 mm

Head Length: 1.4 mm

Tip Diameter: 1.4  mm

Made in USA



Bur G2 Diamond Brochure

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