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Dental Microscope SM610 - Mediworks

Dental Microscope SM610 - Mediworks

Dental Microscope SM610 by Mediworks

  • Ergonomic Design

    The tiltable handle of the dental surgical microscope can be ergonomically designed to bring a more comfortable operation to the doctor.

  • Information Display

    SM610 can intuitively display the light source mode to feedback the brightness of the light source in real-time, and create a better surgical treatment environment..

  • Multi-Function Knob

    With one finger, you can reach the selective filter system and light settings.

  • Cutting-edge Optical Lens

    Importing optical leans with apochromatic Design (APO), able to remove the color difference, improve articulation index and increase the depth of field

  • Variofocus Objective

    The variable working distance of dental operating microscope SM610 can reach 200 to 320mm.

  • Five-speed Optical Transmission

    MediWorks' dental surgical microscope can perform optical zoom in five gears and can provide a high-definition field of view during dental surgery.






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