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Elastomeric Impression Lightbody - Nobilium

Elastomeric Impression Lightbody - Nobilium

Elastomeric Impression Lightbody by Nobilium


  • High tear strength, high Precision and high dimensional stability
  • Easy in the process
  • Clear and precise impressions
  • The prepared impression has a stable dimension that can be stored for a long time.


Product Description

Elastomeric Impression Material is silicone rubber impression material composed of vinyl polysiloxane and various fillers, with neutral smell and applicable to impression in dentistry.


The product is an addition-cure vinly polysiloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, endentulous, orthodontic and implant impression techniques. Recommended to take two-stage or single-stage impression technique together with Nobilium Putty and Nobilium light body for higher precision



Brand : Nobilium

Contains: 2 Bio cartridge of 50 ml.

Made in USA


For Direction How To Use, please download here



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