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Articulator Fix - Bio.Art

Articulator Fix - Bio.Art

Articulator Fix by Bio-Art


The articulator A7 Fix brings its fixed measurements to medium standards. This allows a greater practicality and speed in the execution of the works. Unique in the world with magnetic condylar guidance (patented inlaid magnetic disc), it provides stability in joint movements, eliminating springs and elastics.

• Semi-adjustable / Arcon;
• Fixed Intercondylar distance in 110 millimeters;
• Condilar guide fixed on the average: 30 °;
• Bennet angle fixed on the average: 15 °;
• Condilar Curve Guide;
• Motion stabilizer system with magnet (magnetic);
• Upper Branch support pin in the open position;
• Central locking;
• Comes with a carton;

• Affordable price.

•Can be purchased with Standard or Elite Facebow and is compatible with any accessory.



Brand : Bio-Art

Type : Articulator Fix

Made in Brazil







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