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Sheet For Aligner Crystal BioAlign - Bio Art

Sheet For Aligner Crystal BioAlign - Bio Art

Aligner Sheet Crystal BioAlign by BioArt

Product Description

  • The BioAlign presents high transparency compared to the competence
  • The BioAlign Material has undergone variois tests with coffe, toothpaste and mouthwash and showed superior to competitive materials Patients use various product to clean aligners that can demage the material.
  • The BioAlign it has superior chemical resistance.BioAlign's mechanical properties offer greater comforted the patient and excellent results in the treatments.
  • The BioAlign plate offers greater predictabillity in the movement of the teeth, which allows a better alignment with more lasting result
  • The BioAlign sheet has a high durabillity compared to other materials


  • Brand: Bio Art 
  • Shapes: Round
  • Colors: Translucent
  • Hygroscopy ( Moisture Absorption ): Yes, use prompotly after opening the package, store the remaining foils in the same package in a moisture-free environment
  • Cutting: Scissors, Laboratory electric scalpel, Carborundum disc, double-sided peripheral cutting diamond discs
  • Removal of burs: Tungsten Drills (Maxcut/Minicut), Scotch Brite Finishing Brush (Hand Piece)
  • Polishing (Shine): Thermal Blower
  • Made in Brazil 


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