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OliBULK Fill Composite - Olident

OliBULK Fill Composite - Olident

Oli Bulk Fill - Flowable Posterior Composite 

  • Layer of up to 4 mm
  • two dentin shades with chameleon effect
  • Optimal ratio of flowbility to elasticity
  • excellent physical and mechanical properties
  • high radiopacity (210% AI) - Bis-GMA free



  • Effective result 
  • Esthetic finish 
  • Perfect adaptation to the cavity walls 
  • Perfect visual control 
  • totaly biocompatible


Product Description

  • Light-curing composite material for direct fillings in permanent and deciduous posterior teeth using the Bulk Fill technique. Thanks to the optimal ratio of flowability to elasticity, it is quick and convenient to apply and shape.
  • intended for single-step reconstructions with the omission of the layer technique. A special monomer matrix ensures that the material adapts perfectly to cavity walls, even with the presence of undercuts. Additionally, it is easy to model; hence the shaping of molar cusps is fast and comfortable.
  • OliBULK Fill is characterized by low shrinkage, which reduces the shrinkage stress. The tooth walls are safe and the fillings are not exposed to marginal leakage.


Brand : Olident 
Contain: 2 g / syringe 
Colour: Medium Dentin (MD)  & Universal Dentin (UD)
Made in Germany





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